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Like the name implies, Passion Fruit is full of life! Her smile alone could heat the kitchen faster than an oven set to broil! More than just another pretty face, she’s probably the smartest fruit in the kitchen, and the object of Orange’s affection! Too bad she doesn’t know that!

  • http://www.yp4qxpmp1pyp4qxpmp1p.com/yp4qxpmp1pyp4qxpmp1p Randall Dolinger

    I think it’s better not to provide social security quantity.Do they called you ans ID?

  • http://www.yp4qxpmp1pyp4qxpmp1p.com/yp4qxpmp1pyp4qxpmp1p Dagny Laranjo

    Ditto to Ginny re: posting the earlier letters for new subscribers. Alsocan you explain to us who wrote the January letters?

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