• NickelodeonFan

    Ok, here goes:
    Orange: Hey Midget Apple, Midget Apple, Midget Apple, Hey!
    Midget Apple: It’s Little Apple!
    Orange: Hey Little Apple, Little Apple, Little Apple, Hey!
    Midget Apple: WHAT?!
    Orange: Snow White!
    Midget Apple: No!!! Stop!!! AAAARGH!!!!
    Snow White: That wasn’t a poison apple, but it was still delicious!

    Hope you enjoyed my play. This could be part of a future AO episode.

  • Cristian


  • ava

    I luv this and midget apple rocks!!!!!!! Mirrror mirror sounded boring SO,

  • Austin

    Midget apple would you like to be poisonous?

  • michelle

    i hate the grapefruit he uses offensive words

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